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180 truckloads allowed into Gaza, one out to Europe
180 truckloads allowed into Gaza, one out to Europe
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Gaza, ALRAY - Ministry of Economy said that (Israel) has allowed 180 truckloads into Gaza Strip through Karam Abu Salem crossing, south eastern Rafah governorate.

Undersecretary Hatem Oweidah told ALRAY that the allowed trucks are loaded with cargo designated for commercial and agricultural sectors.

Limited amounts of fuels including diesel fuel for the Gaza’s power plant were entered as well, he said.

He added that one truckload of green herbs is scheduled for export to Europe.

The occupation authorities closes Karam abu Salem crossing repeatedly allegedly for security reasons and Jewish holidays, conversely affecting the every the everyday life in Gaza, as it is the only commercial crossing that connects the Gaza Strip with the outside world.

The import of basic construction materials to Gaza has been severely restricted since the imposition of the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip in June 2007, following the Hamas’s rise to power.

Since July 2013 and the subsequent crackdown on the smuggling tunnels with Egypt, which stood as the lifeline for the 1.7 Gaza population, the enclave has been suffering a severe shortage of construction materials.