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Egyptian military demolish two border homes
Egyptian military demolish two border homes
Egyptian soldiers in a watchtower on the border with Egypt in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip (archive). ) /
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Egyptian army on Tuesday afternoon bombed two homes in Egyptian Rafah city opposite to al-Salam neighborhood in southern Gaza Strip.

Safa Press reported that Egyptian army destroyed two houses out of three implanted with bombs in the morning.

The Egyptian army bombed dozens of homes bordering Gaza strip since the deposition of President Mohamed Morsi on July 3rd, citing the presence of underground tunnels.

A military spokesman said earlier that the army destroyed about 1200 tunnels along the Egyptian-Palestinian border used by the Palestinian to smuggle basic items banned from access via the Israeli-controlled Karam Abu Salem crossing.

The 1.7 Gaza population has since been experiencing  a severe shortage of construction materials.

The import of basic construction materials to Gaza has been severely restricted since the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip was effective in June 2007.