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Personal use drone with camera hovers over Gaza
Personal use drone with camera hovers over Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Hassan Masharawi holds with his hands the remote control device of a small drone capturing live pictures for a match played on Yarmouk playground in Gaza while Ahmed Masharawi, standing by his side, watching the match on a small screen.

Media Town Company succeeded for the first time to bring a small drone with camera, specified in media photography, via Erez crossing in the north of the Gaza Strip two weeks ago. The company purchased the plane online.

The plane has been undergone by the company team to make sure the quality of the captured images and the live scenes. It proved high performance and ability to be controlled remotely.

By owning such a plane, Masharawiseeks adding professional touches to the content of documentaries that are produced by the company. He pointed out that the company’s team used the same plane outside Gaza in producing some documentaries before.