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IOF evacuates Khirbet Abzik for the second time
IOF evacuates Khirbet Abzik for the second time
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West Bank , ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities warned  the inhabitants of Khirbet Abzik community on Tuesday evening to leave their homes in the  northern Jordan valley for the second time.

The  Israeli occupation forces (IOF) gave  holding live-fire military exercises as a pretext to evacuate  the area.

Head of the villages of  Jordan valley  council ,Aref Daraghmeh said that the IOF raided the community later at night,  warning that  they will hold live – fire military exercises on Wednesday morning  therefore they have to leave the village.

Daraghmeh explained  “The military exercises are alleged reason  the IOF claimed to evacuate the Palestinian villages in the Jordan valley ,” , noting that the IOF evacuated the village last week.

21 Palestinian families including 150 children will be homeless under the Israeli fires.

Some Palestinian Bedouin families live in the village since 1948 whom the Israeli occupation expelled from their homeland. Alkhaddor, Jabarin, Noadjah, Sawafta,  and Mhazma are , in origin, Palestinian families from the West Bank.

The area of Khirbet Abzik village is 8000 dunams , 5000 dunams of the total area are sized by the IOF as a military – exercises zoon and 1000 dunams areconfiscated to build the Israeli apartheid wall.