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Committee: Significant decrease in Gaza-bound aid convoys
Committee: Significant decrease in Gaza-bound aid convoys
Vehicle in the UK aid convoy headed by British MP George Galloway arrives in the Gaza Strip (March 9, 2009) (
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Gaza, ALRAY - A government committee marked a significant decrease in the number of aid delegations to Gaza during January and February.

In a report monitoring the movement of aid and solidarity convoys to Gaza, foreign ministry’s ‘Government Committee to Break the Siege’ said it received three delegations of 32 members last January.

The report said that the number of delegations decreased by 95% compared to the same period last year, where the committee received 97 delegations of 2500 supporters.

Alaa al-Batta, a committee official, stated in the report that the Egyptian authorities refused to allow any delegation to enter Gaza despite the diligent efforts made by the committee.

Batta called on Egyptian authorities to allow the Gaza-bound solidarity convoys into the besieged territory, stressing the need for Egypt to deal with this matter as just humanitarian.

As part of its work, ‘Government Committee to Break the Siege’ make constant contacts with international and human rights organizations to brief them on the difficult humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Gaza has been under an extreme economic blockade since 2007, exacerbated by Israel since was allowing limited quantities of construction supplies destined for international projects.

Since Egyptian military’s disposition of president Morsi in July 2013, Egypt opens the Rafah crossing only for two loose days on a 10-day basis.

The authorities used to cite security reasons for the Rafah border closure.

Applications for travel has been closed for weeks so far after the number of Gaza applicants reached 5000, according to the interior ministry.