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What happened to Ahmed ?!
What happened to Ahmed ?!
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By/Fedaa al-Qedra

"You would never let my baby die if someone could save him," these were the words the mother of three-month-old Ahmed Abu Nahal used to appeal for the opening of Gaza's borders so her baby can go for treatment.

Days later, the baby passed away as Egypt kept its borders closed, now for more than a month.


Ahmed Abu Nahel a three-month-old baby spent more time in bed than in his mother's chest because he was suffering of enlarged heart and liver and weakness in heart muscle.

The baby was receiving his treatment at al-Rantisi hospital in Gaza but the lack of medicines and medical  equipment made Gaza's  doctors unable to help him.

The Palestinian doctors in Gaza decided to transfer him to get treatment in the Israeli hospitals but the Israelis refused to receive him due to the serious deterioration in his condition.

The Palestinian doctors  contacted Turkish hospitals to receive Ahmed. They accepted to receive him but the tightened closure of Rafah crossing prevented him from  travelling.

The child's health couldn’t bear to wait any more. Ahmed was  seriously threatened by death.

The National Committee to Break the Siege sent appeals to the Egyptian authorities to open the border, "Ahmed is dying", "Save him", and his mum was crying "Please don’t let my baby die in my hands, I could do nothing ." But no one answered their calls.

Ahmed's story captured the hearts and thoughts of many people here, who all were waiting what the time would bring. Would Ahmed wait and be saved or die?

Actually something happened and I have to tell you . His small heart couldn’t bear more …Ahmed died.

The illegal and  inhumane blockade is destroying our future. Every time  someone dies.

Rafah and Israeli border crossings are almost always closed. This situation led to a humanitarian catastrophe .

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health more than 145 types of medicine  ran out of stock and more than one thousand patients couldn't reach to the Egyptian hospitals. That means death threatens their lives and they may join the list of the siege victims.

The story of Ahmed is one out of hundreds. His story ended but the pain of thousands of patient children in Gaza is still continuing .

They need medication … life .. Will the humanity respond?

Ahmed's soul was a letter to the world  to help lift the unjust siege imposed on the narrow costal enclave. Don’t let us die ..Open the door of the biggest  open air prison and let us live.

You\'ve hit the ball out the park! Incderible!
It is sad and very sad even when we hear of these kind of news. We live in 21st century world where technology improvements have save lots of lives. But when you see saviour is blocked by human beings because of their atrocious minds and barbaric rule that does make you really heating inside your stomach. ahmed will be in a better place in Allah's house. Allah knows best