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Israelis wish Hamas’s rally in Gaza bombarded
Israelis wish Hamas’s rally in Gaza bombarded
Hamas’s rally in downtown Gaza 23-3-2014
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israelis wished Sunday on social networks Hamas’s rally in downtown Gaza to be bombarded and considered it an opportunity to get rid of Hamas once and forever.

One of the comments is: “ nuclear bombs should be dropped on the rally and get rid of them forever”, Another one says “ we have to drop bombs on this rally regardless the results. The most reaction would be an international protest for a month, and then we can live safely for 40 years.”

One of the Israelis wrote: “this opportunity is not available everyday. Too many terrorists are gathered in one place. They should be attacked with rockets to get rid of this dilemma”. One wished an explosion would took place among the rally and kill the most number of Hamas members.

An Israeli called Moti Gate commented: “if we had a sovereign state, it woulddropfour napalm bombs and that’s it." While "Rafael Tayyeb wrote: "This is the time to eliminate this virus because this opportunity will not be repeated every day.” Another wished one of those crazy pilots would fly and drop a number of rockets on the mass and that’s how the story ends, he said.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians attended  a festival organized by Hamas marking 10 year anniversary of the death of Hamas leaders Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Abdulaziz al-Rantisi and Ibrahim Almaqadma who were assassinated by Israel. Hamas considered the mass as a referendum on the choice of resistance.