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2 Palestinian minors sentenced to 60 days in jail
2 Palestinian minors sentenced to 60 days in jail
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli Central Court issued a ruling against two minors from Jerusalem sentencing them to  60 days for  throwing stones at an Israeli bus last year. 

The minors’ lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud said the court judge sentenceed  the two kids, Loay Jaber and Ahmad Abu Eid, to  60 days of imprisonment for  throwing stones at an Israeli bus in late August 2013, and after holding them in custody for two weeks and then putting them under house arrest.

Mahmoud explained that he got  the court to ease their house arrest by allowing them to go to their school, noting that the defendants now have to give themselves up to the Israeli police to serve the sentence.

In a related vein, the Israeli Magistrate's Court Judge extended the arrest of Ahmad Ashaar to Tuesday.

Wadi al-Helweh Information Center  said that  the Israeli central court judge extended the arrest of Wahib, Mohammed, and Mofeed Obaid s from al-Issawiya village to Sunday.

The three Jerusalemites were arrested on Sunday midnight in home raids.