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Israel to expropriate 300 dunums of land in Nablus
Israel to expropriate 300 dunums of land in Nablus
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli authority issued a decision to expropriate 300 dunams of the Jalud village lands, northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Abdullah Tawfiq, the Jalud Village mayor, told Safa Press Agency that “a regional committee of the Israeli civil administration ordered to confiscate 300 dunams south-west of the Jalud village owned by Ahmed Haj-Mohammed and Mohamed Tawfiq Mohammed,”

The expropriation shall pave the way for establishing a directorate for education, farm and a cemetery for Shilo colonial settlement located between Jalud Village and Shvut Rachel settlement, he explained.

Tawfiq said the property owners are hiring lawyers to appeal against the Israeli decision in courts tomorrow, Tuesday.

The Israeli occupation continues to build settler houses in the occupied West Bank despite the Palestinian Authority threatening to appeal to international institutions against settlement.