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Israel-Palestine: which place(s) for which "state") ?
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  • 06:04 02 April 2014
Israel-Palestine: which place(s) for which "state") ?
Israeli Apartheid Wall
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By Sami Klein

The European Parliament's delegation made a report about Israel-Palestine situation. Among the conclusions: degrading hospital care in Palestine, the Israel's colonial policy and the false action of EU and UN authorities.

“The Parliament’s decision to have separate Israel and Palestine delegations leaves MEPs too often divided in the perspectives they acquire.  This weakness in our formal arrangements is compounded by the apparent reluctance of the two delegations to work closely together and share in joint activities,” regretted Chris Davies (ALDE), member of the delegation consisted also by Norbert Neuser (S&D) and Nicole Kiil-Nielsen (Greens/EFA).

The delegation visited the Palestinian Legislative Council from 23 to 27 March 2014. During this period, the delegation wanted to strengthen his understanding of the circumstances of the Palestinian people and assess the state of the peace process between Israeli and Palestine.  For example, regarding the Gaza Strip, particularly to gain a better appreciation of the situation after eight years of Israel's blockade, and at a time when the 1.7 million residents are again trapped behind barriers that are closed entirely to all commercial transactions. 

Following this visit, several lessons have been learned by Chris Davies. The report is alarming.

First of all, living conditions and the hospital greeting. The Makassed hospital, situated in East Jerusalem, has unusual problems to overcome. “It is the main referral hospital for all Palestinians and for alleged ‘security reasons’ the Israeli occupation denies many people under 60 a permit to accompany children brought for emergency operations so parents have to leave their offspring in the care of others. They are issued only with day permits so at the hospital are trapped, unable to leave the grounds for weeks on end,” said Davies. “Moreover a formal building permit has been refused by the Israeli occupation (building permits are hardly ever issued to Palestinians).“

Secondly, the way Israel behaves with Palestinian citizens.  “Israel continues to consolidate its control of Palestine through confiscations and demolitions, settlement building and new roads for the exclusive use of Israelis,” stated Chris Davies. He continued by saying: “62% of the Palestinian territories, including the Jordan valley, were defined in the Oslo accords as ‘Area C’ and Palestinians are now being excluded from it by the Israeli forces.  Israel claims ‘security’ as its justification but Palestinians believe the motives to be purely economic and accuse Israel of seizing their mineral and agricultural wealth.”

Also, the EU is currently helping Palestine with financial funds (hundreds of millions euros each year) with an aim of developing Palestinian institutions. “But this is supposed to be preparing them for a statehood that may never be realized.” In spite of the Geneva Convention, which makes clear that the occupiers of a land should safeguard the well-being of the people under their control, ”it must be questioned why the EU is, in effect (and for the best possible reasons), subsidising the occupation and letting Israel escape its financial burdens,” declared Davies.

Finally, with regard to a possible peace agreement, Palestinian doesn’t seem to believe in it. The Palestinian believes that “Israel wants a continuing peace process solely to provide itself with PR cover from criticism while it continues to build settlements, change the facts on the ground and make the creation of an independent Palestinian state impossible,” he concluded.

The negotiations, conducted through American interlocutors, between Israeli and Palestinians are stopped since November. Israel demands Palestinians to accept living in a Jewish state. There is then no progress in this case and maybe UN bodies should act. Establish two countries, if it’s not already too late, or unify them.

Source New Europe

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