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1.6m Palestinians in Gaza suffer food insecurity: UN
1.6m Palestinians in Gaza suffer food insecurity: UN
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Gaza, ALRAY - An estimated 1.6 million people in the Gaza Strip suffer from food insecurity and they are in need for urgent food aids, according to the United Nation(UN).

UN Humanitarian Coordinator James W Rawley said Monday during a press conference, “ the repercussions of the food insecurity in Gaza are very painful.”  “The hard living conditions constitute a big challenge to our work here,” he added.

“The people in Gaza are facing big challenges and they need to live in peace and tranquility,” he said.

 “The economic conditions in Gaza are deteriorating, therefore trade should be activated” Rawley pointed out, calling on the Egyptian authorities to find a commercial zone and allow the entry of goods and materials through Rafah border crossing.

He said the Israeli occupation’s closure of the crossings undermined the development processes in the strip, so he demanded Israel to allow the access of construction materials into Gaza for humanitarian projects.   

Deputy Director of UNRWA operations in Gaza, Mr. Scott Anderson demonstrated the Gaza’s conditions saying the unemployment increased by 38%, about 800,000 Palestinian refugees are suffering food insecurity, and those who are in need of social safety and food aids  have risen at an average of 44% to 57% over the last year.

Mr Andrson implied the deteriorated health condition in Gaza and the need to provide social safety and food security nets. He also pointed the  spread of diseases due to targeting zoos and death of its animals.

He stressed the importance of supporting the unemployed people and the owners of the factories damaged due to the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation since 2007.

UNRWA exerts efforts to improve the economic situation in Gaza and support Gazans to live in dignity and peace, he said

He called on the international community to help alleviate the suffering of Palestinian people and support their steadfastness, stressing their right to have electricity, fresh water and desalination plants.