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People in Gaza suffer of saline water
People in Gaza suffer of saline water
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By Fedaa al-Qedra

90 percent of the drinking water in Gaza has higher levels of salinity than is recommended by the World Health Organization, as well as an increasing level of water-borne disease.

Experts warned of human crisis  If pumping continues at this rate, they said by 2016 year there will be no usable water in Gaza.

Most of Gazzans are buying their drinking water from unregulated private vendors which form a heavy burden on already impoverished families.

Mohamed Yaseen said that  the municipal water received by pipes is saline and undrinkable.

He added that he forced to buy desalinated water from the street hawkers and he spend a lot of money to buy filtered water because he has a big family.

Khalil Hamoda from Sheikh Redwan neighborhood in Gaza told ALRAY that he forced to break the law by digging a water well in his house garden, because of his daily need of fresh water especially in Summer.

Hamoda said " I don’t trust hawkers so I bought a water filter but it  Crashes in less than a week because of the extreme salinity of the water that enters it, which led to the accumulation of impurities it."

Mohammed Al-Balawi  said that he use the municipal water for washing and house working where he buys the filter water for drinking, added " even soup don’t cream in salt water."

Mohammed Mahdi the owner of al-Sabeel  water plant emphasized that they filter water per hour to get  a cup of water  from 3 cups is drinkable, this refers to the filters technology that used.

Director of Coast Water Authority Monther  Shoplaqs spoke to ALRAY " the aquifer's water is high in nitrogen and chloride making 90to 95 percent of Gaza main water supply unfit for drinking."

He added  The average consumption of water per citizen in Gaza is 80 litres per day, while the global rates determine  150 liters of water per person per day, it makes  the citizen in the Gaza area suffer from adequate supply of water by half, according to global averages

Shoplaq warned of a serious water crisis in Gaza Strip, he pointed out in the year 2016 there will be no sufficient amount of water, and the citizen will have no water except seawater.

Shoblak added "The amount of water that pumped from the aquifer is more than the coming water which caused mixing seawater the aquifer with fresh water causing salinity of the water.

Dr. Khazem Abu Lebda kidney and unary tract specialist said that salt water causes many diseases for both old and young like  Osteoporosis due to the lack of calcium and magnesium elements.

He emphasized that  saline water leads to salt levels in humans that causes kidney dysfunction, heart failure, neurological symptoms, lethargy, and high blood pressure, advised citizens to avoid drinking salt water as much as possible, in order to avoid the incidence of these diseases.