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Palestinians commemorate Prisoners' Day
Palestinians commemorate Prisoners' Day
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ALRAY - The Palestinian people commemorate Thursday on 17th April the Palestinian Prisoners' Day, under harsh and racial Israeli policies against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. 

Palestinians began commemorating this Day since 17th April in 1974, the day of releasing the first Palestinian prisoner, Mahmoud Hejazi.

The number of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons is 5200, including 20 females and 235 children.

Prisoner national movement called for national unity and restarting the uprising until achieving victory, freedom, and independence.

It called for immediate and national locomotion to judge Israeli war criminals upon what they committed against the Palestinian prisoners and their families.

The movement assured that the Israeli prisons turned into tombs that human beings cannot live in and they lack the minimum human basics. Food is poorly and rotten there. Prisoners lack clothes and the basic needs. Dermatologists and insects spread all over the Israeli prisons.