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Israeli minister not intimidated by Abbas's threat to dismantle PA
Israeli minister not intimidated by Abbas's threat to dismantle PA
Far-right Israeli economic minister Naftali Bennett (Haaretz Photo)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Far-right Zionist economic minister on Sunday implicitly called on Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to quit negotiations if wants. 

"If Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas want to go, he can go – we won't stop him," 'The Jewish Home' party-affiliated Naftali Bennett said quoted by Israeli daily Haaretz.

In an implied threath to dismantle the PA, Abbas last week asked 'Israel' to "take the keys" and resume responsibility for the areas in the occupied West Bank where the Palestinian Authority operates, if the diplomatic stalemate continued.

“You don’t have to send tanks or use force,” Abbas said during a meeting Wednesday with several Israeli MKs in Ramallah.

“Just send a junior officer, a second lieutenant, and we’ll give him the keys.” he added.

Bennett commented by saying "Abu Mazen (Abbas) encourages terror against Israel as head of the Palestinian Authority and then threatens us with his resignation," 

The Palestinian-Israeli negotiations have faltered after being conditionally extended under a US mediation in July 2013. 

The nine months term set for the talks to compromise a comprehensive peace deal are about to end with Israel stubbornly setting new conditions in front of the Palestinian negotiators to establish a Palestinian state.

The occupation now demands for a recognition of a Jewish state, a sovereignity over the Jordan Valley and undivided capital of Jerusalem, while going on with the colonial settlement construction in the West Bank.