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Israel closes Karm Abu Salem crossing
Israel closes Karm Abu Salem crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation will shut down Tuesday Karm Abu Salem crossing, south-eastern Gaza Strip, and will allow limited amount of fuel into the besieged enclave.

Chairman for the Coordination Committee for the Entry of Goods into Gaza, Raed Fattouh, said Monday “the occupation is to close the crossing on Tuesday.”

Fattouh pointed out the occupation was supposed to re-open the crossing on Tuesday to let in 400 trucks loaded with fuels, construction, commercial, agricultural and medical materials, and cement and aggregates for international projects.

The occupation will permit a little amount of fuel for the sole power plant, and limited amounts of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas to enter into Gaza, he added

The crossing was closed on Friday and Saturday, because of the Jewish weekend the on Sunday and Monday under the pretext of the Jewish holidays.

There are three main crossing points out of the Gaza Strip: the northern Erez Crossing and the eastern Karni Crossing used only for cargo into Israel and the southern Rafah Crossing into Egypt. Other cargo crossing points are the Kerem Shalom border crossing on the border with Egypt and the Sufa Crossing further north.

The crossings are crucial to the economy of the Gaza Strip and to the daily needs of the population. Closing the crossings is considered as collective punishment for all who live in the tiny besieged enclave.