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Satire media .. Gazans criticize their reality
Satire media ..  Gazans  criticize their reality
Ayman al-A'lool ,42, journalist and comic from Gaza
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The hard political, economical and social situations the Palestinians have been  facing  since 2007, in the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli occupation siege and internal Palestinian division push a lot of Gazan youth to express themselves by making funny critiques to their reality, exploited the wide spread of new media like Facebook and twitter.

Stand-up comedy is one of the famous satire program in the Gaza Strip produced by Gaza youth groups in an attempt to express their hopes, desires, life's concerns and to reduce the  life stress.  They use wit as a weapon and as a tool to draw attention to some political issues .

 Ayman al-A'lool ,42, journalist and comic from Gaza said that he tried  to make televised  shows that reflects  the real life in the Gaza Strip.  "I made stand-up of a half minute criticizes Egyptian authorities' restricting of  Palestinians movement through Rafah crossing in the same  time  they facilitate Israelis movement through Taba crossing,  my message  was to consider us Israelis and open Rfah crossing." The video spread widely on facebook pages what encouraged me to talk about other interesting  issues  for Palestinians by using very simple words in a very short time in try to affect the general attitude of the people.  

Mohammed al-Khalidy ,24, Palestinian comedian who produced  the ironic program Maaqol "Really!"  said to ALRAY that " Maqoal is an ironic political program aims to rise the Palestinians awareness over their political issues by revealing what behind scenes."

He explained that " we interested in this idea because the satire media proved that it has a great  impact on  audience more than serious media and touch their hearts smoothly and simply.

He said  that they face many difficulties and  obstacles while making and producing such programmes,  such as frequent electricity cut which obstruct filming process and also the absence of official support. He  called  for adopting and developing  such programs which will see a great demand in the coming period.

Artist Aisa al-Khateeb said that " these programs do not cost highly and we adopt this kind of arts because the high demand on it especially among youth and people who love comedies."

Ahmed Khalil Gaza resident said that such programs break the routine as it reproduce the events in different manner in an entertaining way so the audience do not get bored even of the time it may take.  

For his part, Sa'id Haj expressed his delight of such programs, hoping  that it may developed  and spread more .

The assistant professor in the Department of Journalism and Media at the Islamic University Ameen Wafi considered the existence of such programs in Gaza Strip a good start and it needs more efforts and research.

 Wafi said to ALRAY that "comic satire programs are very important especially in the Gaza Strip, which becomes an square of events during the Israeli occupation blockade.  It aims to  reduce the people worries and provide them information in a simplified manner, but what is need from these programs is to respect the Palestinian habits and traditions.

 Maqol program introduces two episodes Uncle's Sons  which talk about  people in Gaza Strip who are suffering of continuing closing Rafah crossing and the second one is State of Kerry which discussed the promised Palestinian state in an ironic comedies way.

Stand-up comedy is a comic style in which a comedian performs in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to them. The performer is commonly known as a comic, stand-up comic, stand-up comedian or simply a stand-up.