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IOF arrests 10 Palestinians across in West Bank
IOF arrests 10 Palestinians across in West Bank
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Bethlehem, ALRAY  - Israeli occupation forces ( IOF) carried out Wednesday at dawn a wide arrest campaign in several cities across the West Bank.

Local sources said, IOF detained four Palestinians from Hebron city, southern West Bank. An Israeli military force stormed Halhol town northern Hebron and arrested Ahamed Mansour , 20, and two brothers, Mohanned 21, Anan Zamara 18, after storming and ransacking their houses. The four one was Murshed Tomizi, 35, from Beit Izna town.

IOF has also erected military checkpoints in several neighborhoods in Hebron, and at entrance of Sai’ir town, Halhol and Al Fawar Camps searching Palestinians' vehicles and checking their IDs.  

Israeli military forces broke into several suburbs in Bethlehem, and arrested four Palestinians .  

According to security sources, IOF arrested two young men, Basam  AlSheikh,21, Khader AlHarimi, 26, from Al Saf street midst Bethlehem, after  raiding and searching their houses.
In the same context, IOF detained Abedelkarim Shakarn, 19, after raiding his house in Nahaleen village, west of Bethlehem. In Taqo’ village, east of Bethlehem, they detained Mahmoud Sabah, 21.

In Mathlon town southern Jenin city, IOF detained at dawn Bashar Nai’mat, 34, and his brother Yousef 30, after raiding and ransacking their house .

Israeli occupation forces routinely carry out arrest raids in the West Bank. Around 40 percent of Palestinian men living in the occupied territories have been detained by Israel at some point in their lives.