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68% of Israelis support end to peace talks: poll
68% of Israelis  support end to peace talks: poll
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Gaza, ALRAY - 68% of  Israelis  support  the decision of Israeli occupation government to halt peace talks with Palestinian Authority following its unity pact with Hamas, a poll revealed Wednesday.

The Guttman Center and Evens Program for Conflict Resolution at Tel Aviv University (TAU) conducted the poll, a monthly "Peace Index" part of the Israel Democracy Institute.

According to the poll, 68% of Israelis  supported the Israel's  decision to curtail talks with the PA, but the results were heavily polarized by political affiliation. Of respondents who answered that they supported the move, 82% identified as "right-wing," 59% identified as "moderates" and only 26% identified themselves as "left-wing."

Israelis  are  also heavily divided on what stalled peace talks mean for Israel's future. Of respondents,  63% to 41%  believed  that the talks could be harmful to Israel in the short-term  rather than in the long term.

57.5% of them believed that the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation pact endangers Israel security - the same percentage of people who disagree with the EU's notion that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's involvement makes the agreement more inclusive and, therefore, more legitimate. 

56% of Israelis  believe  US President Barack Obama is "incorrect" for assigning blame to both Israel and the PA for the failure of talks, according to the survey. However, of those, respondents are widely polarized by political affiliation; 70.5% of self-identified "left-wing" respondents agreed with Obama's assessment, compared to 54% of "centrists" and just 27.5% of "nationalists."