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There are Groups of Hebrew Neo-Nazis
There are Groups of Hebrew Neo-Nazis
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Yedioth Ahronoth by Amos Oz

It has already been nearly 50 years that I’ve been talking about the occupation and the settlements from the moral stance. On Friday, at an event at Tzavta, I wanted to say something from the divine stance.

If two states are not formed, and swiftly so, there will be a single state—and it will be an Arab state. And if there is an Arab state, I don’t envy the Jews who will live in it. That will be one of the most difficult exiles ever.

Leave Netanyahu alone, the government isn’t in his hands. The Likud faction in the Knesset is a faction of extremist settlers. Netanyahu is almost the most left wing person in the Likud faction in the Knesset.

The real government in the land is in the hands of the rabbis of the territories, and there is one person who is to blame for that. His name is Yair Lapid, who has the power to topple this government at any moment that suits him.

The names, “price tag” and “hilltop youth” are prettified names. We need to look this monster in the eye and call it by its true name. We wanted to be like all other peoples. We had hoped that the day would arrive in which there would be a Hebrew thief and a Hebrew whore. We also have Hebrew neo-Nazi groups. There is nothing that the modern-day neo-Nazis in Europe do that those groups don’t do here.

Perhaps the only difference lies in the fact that our neo-Nazi groups enjoy the tailwind of quite a few law-makers who are nationalists, and possibly even racists, and also a number of rabbis who provide them with a basis that, in my opinion, is pseudo-religious. That is, in my opinion, the chasm that lies between the Jews and the words of the Jews.

I considered the statements I made at Tzavta at length. When I speak before an audience, I prepare for hours and think about every word. I am a man of words; that is my profession.