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Negev strike to protest Laqiya lands demolishing
Negev strike to protest Laqiya lands demolishing
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Gaza, ALRAY - A general strike announced in the Negev's towns and villages to protest the Israeli  demolition and sweeping operations of Lakiya village.

A member of the Popular Committee for the Negev Bedouin Joma'a al-Zabarqa  told Safa  "The strike includes 2,500 Students who will gather in the areas where the Israeli operation took place, to prevent them from sweeping these lands."

He confirmed that a protest organized by the local residents  will coincide the visiting of the Israeli agriculture minister, who oversees the implementation of the displacement plan of the village.

He  added that the rising in the sweeping operations at Lakiya village is a clear implementation to the Prawer plan which is supposed to be frozen.

Al-Zaparqa  pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities prevent the 12,000 Negev residents from adding anything to their houses even if it is for repairing purposes.  

The Israeli occupation authorities erected a military barracks in eastern Negev, established Street 6 at the north and turned the mountains into grassy lands in  an attempt to restrict the village, he said.

Zubariqh pointed out that locals launched a permanent sit-in tent in the place which witnessed the demolishing operations, adding that more escalation steps will be considered in the coming days.