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Electronic campaign to commemorate " Nakba " in Europe
Electronic campaign to commemorate " Nakba " in Europe
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Gaza, ALRAY -  European and Palestinian  activists launched an electronic campaign to commemorate the 66th  anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which marks the15th of this month.

 Al Owda center  in cooperation with other European and Palestinian associations, launched several activities which will be culminated in staging the most important activities next  Thursday at 8 o'clock pm GMT.

The center called all people to participate in the  66th anniversary of  Nakba campaign using the Hashtag #Nakba_66 , adding that this campaign will be in more than 10 international languages.

The center reported that several reports, articles, and publications will be published  on Web, mostly through social media websites.

 Commemorating Nakba anniversary aims to highlight the Palestinian right of return to their homeland internationally.

" This initiative includes protests, cultural events, demos, etc. to gain support of a number of European cities, and to remind the world of the historical and constant Palestinian plight ", the center assured.

Palestinians in home and Diaspora commemorate the Nakba anniversary, since the beginning of 1987, when more than 350 villages destroyed and more than  800.000 Palestinians displaced from their homes in an ethnic-cleansing campaign carried out by armed Zionist groups.

According to " UNRWA" statistics, Palestinian refugees' number has dramatically redoubled since 1948, until it reached more than 6 million refugees.