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Gaza’s population nearing 2 million
Gaza’s population nearing 2 million
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Gaza, ALRAY - Interior Ministry of Gaza said the number of Gaza population is increasing steadily, pointing out that the number of males is greater than females.

The ministry unveiled in a stat report issued on Wednesday that the total number of Gaza population is 1,869,231 including 947,067 males and 922,164 females .

The most common male name is Mohammed, while Iman is the most common female name. Lian is the most common female name in 2013.

The number of Palestine population comes second among the Arab countries in terms of area, and 26th among the world countries in terms of fertility rate.

Based on estimates prepared by Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) according to the results of the Population, Housing and Establishment Census of 2007, the total population of Palestine at mid 2013 was about 4.42 million; 2.24 million males and 2.18 million females.

The estimated population of West Bank was 2.72 million of which 1.38 million males and 1.34 million females. While the estimated population of Gaza Strip totaled 1.70 million of which 864 thousand males and 837 thousand females. The percentage of urban population in mid-year 2013 was 73.8%, while the percentage of population in rural and camps areas was 16.8% and 9.4% respectively.

Data revealed that the population of Palestine is a young population; the percentage of individuals aged (0-14) constituted 40.1% of the total population at mid 2013 of which 38.0% in the West Bank and 43.4% in Gaza Strip. The elderly population aged (65 years and over ) constituted 2.9% of the total population of which 3.2% in the West Bank and 2.4% in Gaza Strip of mid 2013.

Population density of Palestine is generally high at 734 persons/ Km2 , particularly in Gaza Strip is 4,661 persons/km2 compared to lower population density in the West Bank at 481 persons/Km2 at mid 2013.