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Quarter of food in Gaza polluted: human rights report
Quarter of food in Gaza polluted: human rights report
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Gaza, ALRAY - About quarter of the food available in Gaza is polluted due to the ongoing siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation since 2006, that constitutes a violation of the right to a adequate food, according to a human rights report.

A report issued by al-Mezan Center for Human Rights on Sunday indicated that in all the areas in Gaza, the percentage of the total pollution in the samples taken from the food reached 23.6% including 14.9% chemical pollution and 24.9% microbiological contamination.

It explained the highest proportion of chemical contamination was 32.2% in Rafah while the highest proportion of the microbiological contamination was 70.2% in Khanyounis and 57% in Rafah.

The report called on the international community to bear the legal and ethical responsibilities and help Palestinians to enable them enjoy the right to adequate food which prevents any obstruction on the entry of food products from Karem Shalom crossing and insures their safety and equality.

It also demanded a regular entry of vaccine, medicines necessary for the safety of poultry and animals in addition to the entry of fertilizers which are important to raise the quality and productivity of agricultural crops.

The report called for allowing the entry of tools and materials to laboratories to conduct the necessary examination especially testing the pesticide residues.

It called on the international community and donors to finance the construction of a central laboratory equipped with equipment , tools and materials needed to conduct the important examinations.