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Palestinian Government determined to remove effects of internal division
Palestinian Government determined to remove effects of internal division
Palestinian Government held its first meeting in Ramallah
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Newly-appointed Palestinian Government held its first meeting in Ramallah on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and concluded with the following statement:

Government condemns the Israeli cabinet decision to boycott the Palestinian consensus government and to impose more punishments against the Palestinian people, considering it a stark intervention in the internal Palestinian affairs.

Government expresses its determination to fulfill its duties according to the applied laws and legislations in addition to other missions, including getting rid of the internal division effects, reuniting the Palestinian institutions, and reconstructing the Gaza Strip.

Regarding retaining or cancelling the ministry of detainees, the government assured that the Palestinian Liberation Organization is the sole organization that can take decision on this regard. The PM affirmed that the leadership will continue its effort to release the fourth batch of detainees, and stressed that no agreement shall be signed with Israel until all prisoners are released.

Government calls on the international human rights organizations to consider the Palestinian detainees as "prisoners of war" and to exert more pressure on the Israeli occupation to put an end to its violations against the detainees, including solitary confinement, medical negligence and inhuman treatment.    

Government hails the struggling Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails who have been on hunger strike for the 41th day in protest of administrative detention policy, and stresses its full support of their demands.

Government denounces the daily and repeated attempts by Israeli forces and settlers to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque that reached an unbearable extreme. It called on the Arab League, Islamic Cooperation Organization, all international organizations concerned  to stand against  these violations that are flaunting  the international laws.

Government greets the worshipers who continue to defend Al Aqsa Mosque, calling them not to bow to Israeli pressure.

Government extends its condolences to the family of  Ala'a Odeh, from Hiwarh town, who was killed in cool blood by the Israeli forces, affirming that these crimes prove to the whole world  that Israel does not want peace.