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Israeli military storms Jenin, wounds Palestinian
Israeli military storms Jenin, wounds Palestinian
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Jenin, ALRAY - A Palestinian youth was wounded on Monday at dawn with Israeli bullets in clashes broke out in the West Bank city of Jenin.

Local sources reported that a large number of Israeli troops stormed Jenin refugee camp at dawn and arrested Ibrahim Hawajir, 52, after ransacking his house.

Violent clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli forces that stormed the eastern neighborhood of the city, Sameh al-Qet,20, was wounded in the foot.

In Mitlon town, Israeli troops detained Rif’at N’erat,17.

In the last two days, Israel detained 150 Palestinians in the West Bank searching for three Israeli settlers believed to be missing into a second West Bank city, touching off street confrontations in which its forces killed a Palestinian.