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Israeli court puts Hamas deputy in six-month administrative detention
Israeli court puts Hamas deputy in six-month administrative detention
AFP/AFP - Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a prominent leader of the Hamas Islamic movement, following his release from Israel's Ofer prison, near the West Bank city of Ramallah on January 19, 2014
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West Bank, Al Ray - ‘Israel’ has put prominent Hamas leader and ex-prisoner Hasan Yousef on a six-month administrative detention.

Fouad al-Khuffash of the Ahrar Centre for Prisoners’ Studies said in a statement that an Israeli court referred the case of West Bank Hamas leader Hassan Yousef to administrative detention.  

Yousef was detained within a series of round-ups carried out by the Israeli occupation army against Hamas members in the occupied West Bank, following the alleged abduction of three Israeli settlers in Hebron.

Sheikh Hasan Yousef has been a member of Hamas bloc 'Change and Reform' of the Palestinian Legislative Council since 2006.

He served 21 years in the Israeli prisons. He was arrested in August 1993 for the first time and released in August 2011. Three months later, he was detained again and remained in the Israeli prisons through January 2014.

Yousef was one of 416 Hamas and Islamic Jihad members deported by ‘Israel’ to the Marj Al Zohour area in southern Lebanon.