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Israeli army shuts down Palestinian TV channel
Israeli army shuts down Palestinian TV channel
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Occupied WB, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces Wednesday broke into Al-Aqsa TV offices in the West Bank city of Beira and fully seized their equipment.

Local sources said that Israeli soldiers raided al-Mahisri building and broke into Trans Media company headquarters from which al-Aqsa TV channel broadcast. They captured the channels' equipment and caused damages to its office before closing it.

In Hebron, Israeli forces raided the company headquarter and seized the channel's equipment of broadcast and photography.

Additionally, Israeli forces Tuesday detained journalist Yahya Habayeb after his coverage of the Israeli security campaign in Hebron before releasing him later, the sources added.

Habayeb was transferred to the Palestinian medical complex in Ramallah.

The Israeli forces attacked him brutally and inhumanely breaking his hand and damaging his cameras and voice recorder, he said.