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Egyptian Army destroys over 1,700 tunnels on its border with Gaza
Egyptian Army destroys over 1,700 tunnels on its border with Gaza
Image from March 15, when the Egyptian army demolished 4 houses using explosives, which had tunnels under them
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Gaza - The Egyptian Army destroyed two tunnels on the Egyptian-Gazan border, bringing the total number of tunnels ruined to 1,736.

Security sources said that Egyptian border guards have continued their intensive activity to deal with smugglers and armed groups which aim to compromise national security at all levels. The western military region is managed by border guards in cooperation with the Air Force and have succeeded in seizing an individual in possession of 30 shotguns in the area of Salloum.

They also seized three SUVs which had no license plates and were loaded with a large quantity of cigarettes, and destroyed a fourth with the help of air traffic control on the border with Libya.

In Al-Arish, the border guards of the Second Army Field arrested six armed individuals and seized an SUV and six motorcycles without license plates, as well as a truck carrying 100 kilogrammes of explosives. Six cars loaded with large quantities of food, medicines and goods which were to be smuggled were also seized.

The Gaza Strip tunnels are passages that have been dug along the border between Gaza Strip and Egypt.

The tunnels had been a lifeline for the flow of food, clothing, building materials, and fuel into the besieged Gaza strip.

The blockade severely limited the imports and exports of the Gaza Strip and led to frequent humanitarian for the people there.

Source: MEMO (ALRAY contributed)