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Egypt opens Rafah crossing 3 days to pilgrims
Egypt opens Rafah crossing 3 days to pilgrims
A busload of Palestinian passengers going through the Egyptian gate of the Rafah crossing (File Photo)
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Gaza, Al Ray - Director of the Gaza Crossings, Maher Abu Sabha, said Sunday that the Egyptian Authorities opened Rafah crossing to the 12th bath of pilgrims and humanitarian cases.

Egypt would keep the crossing working until Tuesday, Sabha said.

Abu Sabha in a press statement said 503 out of 800 pilgrims have moved into the Egyptian side of the crossing in nine buses on Sunday. 

83 Palestinians stuck in the Egyptian territory have been allowed into the Gaza Strip, the statement said.

Nearly 15,000 travel applicants, including humanitarian cases and holders of foriegn passports are still waiting.

Rafah crossing constitutes the only travel port in the besieged Gaza Strip. Since July 2013, it has been opening on briefly and at intervals.

Egypt ever since former President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown by the military has been citing security concerns for the closure.

However, as new Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi assumed power and calm prevailed in Sinai Peninsula, the crossing situation remains as it is.

Palestinians in Gaza hoped that the internal reconciliation would help create a new reality on the border, as to open 24/7 as was the situation before July the 3rd