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Israeli forces lift travel ban for Hebron citizens
Israeli forces lift travel ban for Hebron citizens
Through its restrictive permit and checkpoint system, Israel has split families from one another. (Mamoun Wazwaz/MaanImages)
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West Bank, Al Ray - ‘Israel’ has lifted a ban on the travel of Palestinian residents of Hebron, the Palestinian general director of crossings, Nathmi Muhanna, said.

The Allenby Bridge is the only connection to the outside world for West Bank residents under military occupation. 

The ban was imposed on the 800,000 residents of Hebron two weeks ago after three Israeli teenagers went missing from colonial Israeli settlement. 

It was lifted after great effort on the part of Palestinian officials, Muhanna told the Palestinian Ma’an news agency, adding “Israeli authorities notified the Palestinian minister of civil affairs Hussein al-Sheikh that Palestinians from the Hebron district are now permitted to use the Allenby Bridge,”

The Israeli forces following the disappearance of the three Israelis went wild, starting a wide-scale crackdown across the occupied West Bank, mainly targeted affiliates to Hamas, which Israel accused of the kidnap, but the later categorically denied.

Since the crackdown began, seven West Bank Palestinians have been killed, more than 130 injured, and nearly 600 detained.