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Spain condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza
Spain condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza
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Madrid,ALRAY - Spanish cities continued for the fourth day in a row events of solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip against the Israeli aggression continued for six days.

In Balab-alWaled city, northwest of Madrid ,Tens participated in demonstrations called political parties, a network of solidarity and civil society organizations, and the Arab and Palestinian Expatriates and the activities of the city, to condemn the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Participants called for demonstrations in all over the world to break the silence and be in solidarity with Palestine.

They also demanded to stop the aggression that targets civilians in flagrant violation of the Geneva Conventions and all international covenants.

Participants mentioned the importance to secure international protection for the Palestinian people of the danger of extermination.

In the city of Valencia, civil society organizations and the Palestinian community on its Facebook  page collected signatures to send letters to political forces and civil society organizations to continue a campaign of solidarity and stop this brutal aggression on Gaza.

The Andalusia’s journalists’ union (SPA) denounced the Israeli aggression and killing of civilians in Gaza and attacking on the Palestinian press crews that are trying to convey the truth to the world ,“the withholding of information is a crime according to the law”.