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Residents of north Gaza flee their homes fearing Israeli shelling
Residents of north Gaza flee their homes fearing Israeli shelling
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By/ Fedaa al-Qedra

Hundreds of Palestinian families were displaced from their homes in northern Gaza Strip on Sunday night  when the Israeli military threatened to target this area.

The Israeli occupation army distributed leaflets to residents of Beit Lahia, warning them to evacuate their homes until twelve o’clock on Sunday afternoon in preparation for bombing of their homes.

Leaflets threatened that the occupation army intended to bomb homes in the areas of   Atatra  and Salateen , in addition to the areas to the west and north of Jabaliya Camp.

The  residents of these areas  took the Israeli threats seriously.

Out of fear on the  safety of their children, hundreds chose to take refuge in UNRWA schools that will serve as places of asylum.

The displaced residents took refuge in four UNRWA schools.  UNRWA announced that the schools can provide shelter for  about 30 thousands of those affected by the Israeli attacks.

 Adnan Abu Hasna, UNRWA spokesman in Gaza ,said  “We opened eight schools to house  thousands of displaced people from the northern Gaza Strip, after they had left their homes this morning. The number of them in schools so far is four thousand, but that number is increasing rabidly .”

He emphasized that UNRWA will open more schools in the event the number is increased , pointing out that UNRWA is able to provide shelter only for 35,000 people .

It is difficult to describe the ongoing plight of these people.  By virtue of the geographical location of their homes, they are always in a targeted area. Their homes were destroyed twice before in the previous attacks against the Gaza Strip . And now in this aggressive offensive  where it is inevitable that they will again return to the ruins of their homes.  Plans for reconstruction of the homes become absurd because whenever people rebuild their homes, the Israeli occupation aircraft return to destroy them.

Mohamed B, 52, escaped to al-Fakhoura school. "I have evacuated the Atatra area in Beit Lahia for the third time - in the three wars - in 2008 and 2012, and now again in 2014.”  He and his family have taken refuge in the same school and in the same classroom every time.

UNRWA schools will become centers for shelter, but do these schools actually provide protection for civilians??.  The experience from previous wars indicates that they do not!!.

The best example was when Fakhurah refugee school, in the north of Gaza Strip ,turned to become a place of real massacre that claimed the lives of dozens of citizens on January 6, 2009 when the Israeli warplanes hit it directly with destructive missiles without caring of thousands of civilians inside it .

According to Wala, the Hebrew news site - at the opening of the weekly Israeli Cabinet meeting on Sunday morning, Benjamin Netanyahu, the head of the Israeli government, said "We don’t know when this operation will end, and we are ready to continue it."

Netanyahu claimed that Hamas uses civilians as human shields, and he called on the Israelis to comply with the Home Front instructions.

The death toll rises to 170 and 1145 were wounded most of them are civilian. None od Hamas members were killed so far as Israel claim.

Large pieces of debris will be removed, and houses will be reconstructed at the end of this unjustified offensive , but there are no guarantees that they will not be destroyed again.