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Ghusain: About 1,000 foreign journalists entered Gaza during the Israeli aggression
Ghusain: About 1,000 foreign journalists entered Gaza during the Israeli aggression
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information Ihab al- Ghusain
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Gaza, ALRAY - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information Ihab al- Ghusain said  that his office has allowed for nearly a thousand foreign journalists to enter Gaza, via Beit Hanoun crossing, during  the period of the Israeli aggression on the besieged enclave.

They were permitted to enter to Gaza to witness the real situation and the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against the civilians in the Gaza Strip, Ghusain added.

He said, “Despite the difficult conditions, the ministry did its best to facilitate the tasks of these journalists and gave them the essential information they required,” noting that it dealt with all the journalists on the basis of professional measures, despite some of them have biased policies go with the zionist occupation.

"We are reviewing those who do not follow professional measures and objectivity and communicate with the whole journalists  to convey the truth as it is," he added, stressing that what the ministry requires is a commitment to honesty, objectivity and conveying the truth, and not to be biased with the Palestinians despite their just cause in all its national, political, legal, legitimate and humanitarian aspects.

Ghusain thanked and appreciated the foreign media figures who challenged the policy of their biased agencies with the occupation and the transferred of the facts as they are and the massacres committed against civilians in the Gaza Strip.   

He appreciated the journalists who had submitted their resignations from such agencies as a rejection of their agencies' non-professional coverage of the war in Gaza.

Ghusain did not hide his knowledge of following a number of foreign journalists who entered the Gaza Strip under the pretext of press by the Palestinian security services.

“They are seeking to achieve pure security objectives,” he said, stressing that despite that, dealing with them will be legal and they are in the circle of observation and follow-up, pointing out that during the aggression period some foreign journalists involved in transferring serious information to the occupation that affected the security of the Palestinian people.

On the other hand, Ghusain confirmed that the decision of preventing  dealing with the Zionist media in the Gaza Strip is still valid, and emphasized that this decision applies to all journalists and media offices and companies, pointing out that the security servises have dealt effectively with some of those who violated the resolution during the last period, stressing that they will be pursued legally in the next days.