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Jazaer waits for her mother's voice
Jazaer waits for her mother's voice
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By/ Fedaa al-Qedra

Nine months ago when Muhammad Darwish knew that his wife Enas was pregnant, he decided to name the unborn female fetus, Salma. Throughout the months of the pregnancy his daughters called their unborn sister by that name.

As the time for birth arrived, Mohamed accompanied his wife to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in central Gaza Strip.

While pre-birth tests were being performed, Israeli forces shelled the hospital. Darwish’s wife was traumatized and could no longer speak.

There was a decision to transfer the mother to Dar Al Shifa Hospital in central Gaza, to have her baby there. The work at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital was disrupted after the bombing.

In a private moment the Muhammad approached his wife to reassure her and to tell her that he had decided to change their baby’s name to Jazaer, which means Algeria. He said "less duty can be presented to Algeria, which raised the price of gasoline to the Egyptians as a way to allow them to enter Gaza and provide aid to the residents."

Gazans always take advantage of their sad and happy moments to give the names of these moments to their newborns, like Entesar meaning victory.

Darwish said that "I did not name my daughter Algeria as a compliment or to draw attention but I was very convinced that my daughter will be proud of her name, when she grows up."

Jazaer is now one week old, but she has not heard the sound of her mother’s voice since her birth, despite the efforts of doctors and psychologists to treat her.

Darwish is one of thousands of Gazans who have been forcibly displaced from their homes after exposure to direct Israeli bombardment. His home has been heavily damaged by shells and rockets.

Throughout his wife’s stay in the hospital, Darwish brought his two daughters to see their mother and their baby sister. Gazal and Batool kissed their baby sister and asked their father to let Jazaer remain at the hospital to protect her from the Israeli shelling.

Despite the father attempts to relieve his daughters’ fears, he still secretly feared losing them due to the Israeli missiles that targeted primarily children, women and the elderly during the war on Gaza.

Darwish who loves his country and Algeria has called on citizens in Gaza to give their children the names of countries and personalities who have supported the Gaza Strip during the war.

It is noteworthy that the number of martyred children in this war reached 469, while the number of injured children reached 3084. In contrast, the number of births since the war began has reached more than four thousand boys and girls.