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Hamas describes Lieberman’s call as “stupid”
Hamas describes  Lieberman’s call as  “stupid”
Foreign “Israeli”Minister Avigdor Lieberman
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Gaza, ALRAY- The Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" described the call of Lieberman against it as stupid and idiotic.

"The government policy, calm will be met with calm, is fundamentally wrong,” Lieberman said on Wednesday morning.

“We need to talk and negotiate with Hamas only when it has surrendered,” he added.

“We now must seek a quick and decisive end to Hamas," Foreign,“ he said.

He wants to adopt a firm policy towards Hamas.

Lieberman said in a post on his Facebook page, “Hamas is now in control of the timing of firing rockets while "Israel" only responds and is drawn behind Hamas, while Hamas controls the levels of the flame in the battle.

He added that continuing adopting this policy will not bring tranquility, and confrontation will come back on the first of the next month and a day after the NewYear festival, warning of a return to unilateral solutions and that the next phase need to subdue the Hamas.

The latest fatalities bring to 2030 the number of Palestinians, the vast majority of them civilians, killed by Israel since hostilities began in the first week of July.

Hamas, for its part, denied any knowledge of Tuesday's alleged rocket barrage, accusing Israel of seeking to undermine the ceasefire talks.

Since early August, Cairo has hosted indirect Palestinian-Israeli talks aimed at hammering out a permanent ceasefire arrangement.