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18 executed in Gaza for 'spying for Israel'
18 executed in Gaza for 'spying for Israel'
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian revolutionary court judged Friday morning 18 people, who were spying for Israel, to death.

They were spying for the benefit of the Israeli occupation that executed more than 2000 innocent civilians in Gaza during its ongoing aggression on Gaza.

The occupation killed the Palestinians, with the help of (collaborators) spies, without any legal evidence of committing even a simple misdemeanor.

In front of Al-Azhar University park and the al-Omari mosque in Gaza City, the spies faced death penalty after completing the legal and necessary judicial procedures.

Palestinian security sources said that these collaborators (spies) with the occupation were executed in two stages.


11 of the executed spies were executed in the morning in front of the garden of Al-Azhar University, while the others were executed in front of the Great Omari mosque in Gaza City after Friday prayer.

This came in conjunction with the Palestinian resistance’s announcement of a new phase of dealing with this dangerous and strange phenomenon that led to killing too many innocent Palestinian civilians and the destruction of thousands of houses.