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Israeli false pretences for renewal of Gaza offensive
Israeli false pretences for renewal of Gaza offensive
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Ministry of Health, Palestine, ALRAY - The Ministry of Health Gaza abhors the ongoing massacres of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by Israeli military forces, in which 65 people have been killed and 220 injured since the collapse of the ceasefire agreement on Tuesday – a collapse that lies squarely at the feet of the Israeli regime.

Former Israeli Attorney General Michael Ben Yair today admitted that the Israelis staged the alleged Hamas breach on Tuesday in order to assassinate Al Qassam leader Mohammed Deif.

This deceitful outrage continues to be used as an excuse to carry out massive attacks on Gazan civilians – according to Israeli news agency ynet a few tons of explosives were used to destroy the building in which Mohammed Abu Shamala, Raed al-Attar and Mohammed Barhoum were killed in Rafah, killing at least five and injuring at least 50 additional civilians and completely destroying dozens of homes, leaving a crater the size of a residential block in their place – and the Gaza health services to pick up the pieces.

This deceitful outrage even served as an excuse to bomb preparations for a funeral in a graveyard, killing four people.

This deceitful outrage, and the ongoing murder and mutilation of scores of Gazans under its cover, is proof positive of the complete lack of good faith of the Israeli party in the Cairo negotiations for a lasting ceasefire.

The Ministry of Health Gaza cannot and should not be expected to mop up after gross Israeli excesses, which blatantly contravene international and humanitarian law, and fundamental human rights.

We demand the international community take immediate and concrete action to end the bloody carnage being wrought in Gaza by the lying and murderous Israeli regime.

We demand immediate steps be taken to end Israeli impunity for its clear and ongoing war crimes, leaving a trail of dead and injured from every part of the Gaza Strip to the doors of each and every overloaded emergency room still operational.

We demand an immediate end to the illegal, unjustified and crippling blockade that impairs the proper functioning of our health sector at the best of times, but that in times of crisis such as these, causes widespread and completely avoidable, unjustifiable and unnecessary pain, suffering and death to our people.