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Prosecuting British organization collects donations for “Israeli” army
Prosecuting British organization collects donations for “Israeli” army
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London, ALRAY - General Director of the Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain, Mohammed Jamil , said that “He began prosecuting the "Zionist Federation", which stands behind the campaign of collecting donations for the” Israeli” army”

Widespread anger is sweeping the Arab and Muslim community and all the British parties who oppose Israel's crimes as a result of the announcement that was published by the “Jewish News " newspaper , Jamil added in an interview on al-Jazeera net.

He described the publishing of the announcement and allowing distributing  it in"Tesco" shopping centers as an act that contrasts the British law.

Jamil pointed out that the Zionist Federation in UK published an advertisement in a local Jewish newspaper “Jewish News, "which is distributed freely and called the British people to donate to support the Israeli army.