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Testimony from Gaza: Israel bombs unwarned house full of civilians
Testimony from Gaza: Israel bombs unwarned house full of civilians
Palestinian house that was bombed by Israeli warplanes, August 25,2014
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By Kareem Ajjour

I Couldn't let the war end before telling my own testimony. I’m sure that this story is a simple one among other ones happened in Gaza during the last 51 days.

On last Monday, one of my family houses was bombed by Israeli warplanes that dropped a rocket over the house and destroyed it partially.

The house was full of innocent civilian people who gathered in the house feared of bombing another place in the area.

I rushed to the bombed house as I was so close. Standing at the door and wearing bloody shirt, one of the family members who was inside the house and survived the airstrike grabbed my hand and shouted, " Help us find my brothers and relatives under the rubble".

His two brothers were there, one of them lying on the ground fainted and the other standing by him. The one who is standing asked me, "Is he dead?". I checked his heartbeat and found he's still alive, YET I glanced part of his brain was out via a hole in his head .

The ambulance arrived at the scene and transferred him to the hospital, I knew later that he died.

About 25 of this family were injured, two seriously.

I know that family well and the place too. No militants are there and no rockets are fired from the whole area. Yet, it was bombed without even a warning.

After that, Would I believe that Israel is defending itself?

Israel and its criminal leaders have to be dragged to the international courts and be tried of the crimes they committed.

The family in the story is Ajjour family and the one who died named as Sa’d Basem Ajjour, 21.



Kareem Ajjour is a freelance Palestinian writer and translator based in Gaza. He can be followed on Twitter @KareemMAjjour


Palestinians gather around the body of Sa'd at his funeral August 26, 2014.