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Israeli extremist group storms Al Aqsa
Israeli extremist group storms Al Aqsa
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Jerusalem , ALRAY - A group of Israeli extremist settlers called " Students for the temple" stormed into Al Aqsa compound on Sunday morning from al-Maghriba gate, guarded by Israeli special forces and Israeli police members.

Sources reported that these groups toured in Al Aqsa courtyards using racially provocative words. Whilst, the Israeli police imposed restricted procedures on Palestinian worshipers' entrance to the mosque and hold their ID cards on the main gates of the mosque until they get out of it. 

 Two days ago," Students for the temple" group announced its intention to break into Al Aqsa mosque on Sunday in solidarity with the extremist rabbi "Yehuda Glick" who was denied storming the mosque until the end of the next week.


This extremist group consisted of a number of the Hebrew university students in addition to other students in Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses pointed out that a number of Al Aaqsa guards and employees deployed in its courtyards to prevent any attempt by the extremists settlers to perform religious rituals.

It is noteworthy that the area of Bab Al Selsla gate, which leads to Al Aqsa mosque, witnessed last night clashes between people and Israeli occupation forces who broke into residents' homes and arrested one Palestinian at least.