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Israeli settlers torch a church in Jerusalem
Israeli settlers torch a church in Jerusalem
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Jerusalem, ALRAY- Israeli extremist settlers from the " price tag " group have torched Thursday at dawn, the church of " Jabal Zion" in Jerusalem. The fire caused considerable damage to the church.

The Jewish settlers sprayed anti-Christian slogans and against Prophet Jesus on the church walls, local sources reported.

The sources noted that the extremist settlers set fire to one of the Church rooms, especially the seminary building, they also torched the bathroom of the religious circle that is usually used by the clergy of priests, monks and others to learn the Christian religion.

It is noteworthy that "Price tag" repeatedly commit organized attacks against holy Islamic and Christian sites in Jerusalem and West Bank. In most of the cases the doers are kept unknown and the Israeli police do not punish them.

Settlers have also torched yesterday at dawn the mosque of Al Jbaa southern west Bethlehem, sprayed racist slogans on its walls.