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Israeli settlers attack Jerusalemite in Shu'fat
Israeli settlers attack Jerusalemite in Shu'fat
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -  Abdul-Karim Yousef Abu Khudair, 22, a young man sustained bruises in his left hand on Saturday evening, after Israeli settlers attacked him while he passed through "Reches Shuafat" settlement located in the western side of Shu'fat neighborhood north of Jerusalem.

Abu Khudair recounted the details of what happened to him, saying, "While I was passing by the settlement driving my car, I saw more than 20 Israeli settlers in the street. When I passed beside them, they surprised me with throwing stones at me for no reason, causing the crash of a part of the windshield of my car. I have tried to avoid a stone with my hand, but I was injured. "

"I continued driving for fear of being attacked agian from the settlers. When I moved away of them, I stopped and contacted with my cousin Abd al-Rahman, who contacted the ambulance and took me to Hadassah Al-Issawiya hospital for treatment." Abu Kudair added.

In turn, the father of Abdul Karim explained that after the attack on his son, the Israeli police did not move a finger in place, and did not detain any of the attacker.

He also stated that verbal and hands wrangles occurred between the Israeli settlers and young men in the Shu'fat neighborhood, while the Israeli police tried to suppress the youths.

The Israeli settlers' attacks against Jerusalemites have recently increased in Shu'fat and Beit Hanina. the settlers  stormed the lands of Beit Hanina, razed the olive trees and attacked the property of the citizen Saleh Abu Khudair, during their way to the seized house in Beit Hanina.

The residents of Shu'fat near the settlement of "Reches Shuafat " were attacked several times, the father added.