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Denying civil servants’ rights threatens reconciliation success: Employees’ union
Denying civil servants’ rights threatens reconciliation success: Employees’ union
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Gaza, ALRAY -- The Public Employees' Union in Gaza called on all Palestinian factions meeting in Cairo to discuss the civil servants’ file and stressed to solve it fairly, considering the solution of this file is “linked” to the reconciliation success.

The union confirmed in a press conference held on Tuesday morning in Gaza, that detracting the rights of employees threatens the success of reconciliation steps.

Yacoub Al-Ghandour, head of union, quickly called to complete administrative, legal and security committees concerned with the employees’ integration and staffing based on maintaining the functional security and the acquired rights of employees.

Al-Ghandour called on the Palestinian government and Ministry of Finance to commit to pay the salaries of employees for November at the beginning of December, coinciding with salaries of PA employees.

The union also called the Palestinian factions to accelerate steps to form a national government that will put a fair solution to the civil servants’ issue.

In turn, the union denounced the government's receipt of the crossings and dispensing with employees’ services under unreasonable pretexts.

The union considered the statement issued by the government at its emergency meeting, stated that ministries and government departments were not handed over effectively, as well as the decision of not to cancel the bonds of lands allocated to employees, as surprising, very worrying and indicates the lack of intentions to implement the reconciliation terms.

The union stressed that all rights of employees are guaranteed by the functional security law as full salary, years of service installed in the insurance and pensions, financial entitlements accumulated for years and degrees, which are fixed rights and cannot be accepted or compromised. “If the government and its committees deny any of the rights mentioned, this would undermine all efforts made in the success of reconciliation” the union added.

The union extend its salute to all civil servants and members of security forces who provide their services to the Palestinian citizens in the most difficult circumstances and with great suffering without receiving their full monthly salaries during the last five years.