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65 Israeli settlers storm into al-Aqsa mosque
65 Israeli settlers storm into al-Aqsa mosque
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Jerusalem, ALRAY -- Dozens of extremist settlers and members of Israeli occupation forces stormed on Sunday morning, the Aqsa Mosque from Al--Maghariba gate guarded by Israeli special forces.

The Israeli occupation forces closed Al-Maghariba Gate at 10:00 AM after the morning storm-ins ended.

About 65 settlers and three members of Israeli security stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque on several groups, and staged provocative tours in various parts of his yards, according to the Department of Islamic Endowments in Jerusalem.

The department pointed out Israeli police provided full protection to the extremists during the storm-ins, which included receiving explanations by Jewish guides about the alleged temple.

The Israeli police imposes restrictions on the worshipers’ entry into the Aqsa Mosque, check their personal IDs, detain some at the gates, and do not allow mosque guards to approach the settlers.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is subjected to a series of extremist storm-ins during morning hours and afternoon periods in an attempt to impose the temporal and spatial division plan of the mosque.