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PCPA launches conference against normalization with Israel
PCPA launches conference against normalization with Israel
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West Bank, ALRAY - Speakers to the International Conference against normalization with Israel condemned Arab-Israeli normalization agreement, stressing that normalization is a betrayal of Palestine and the sanctities.

Popular conference for Palestinians abroad launched on Saturday an international conference against normalization with Israel.  

The former Jordanian Prime Minister, Taher Al-Masry, stressed in a speech to the conference via zoom call that Palestinian cause is going through a sensitive and dangerous phase, and there are a lot of projects that aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause, such as the normalization agreements with Israel.   

He noted that the battle with Israel needs initiatives and outside the box ideas to resort Palestinian right, and called to search for a strategic solution to face the normalization with Israel, and the Jewish national law and the Zionist apartheid regime.

The Secretary-General of the PCPA, Munir Shafiq, affirmed that the Arab rush towards normalization with the Israeli occupation came with the initiative and leadership of former US President Donald Trump, whose aim is to engage in the Zionist narrative.

Shafiq called on Arab peoples and thinkers to confront normalization and all its forms and confront its projects at the Arab and international level, and that the first step to confront normalization comes through the Palestinian end of the Oslo agreement.

The grandson of the South African leader Nelson Mandela, Zewailville Mandela, Normalization represents a betrayal of all the resistance fighters in Palestine, and the right to return, and they will not abandon the Palestinian people.

He Pointed out that normalization kills any attempt to realize the Palestinian dream of liberation, calling for cutting off the road to the Israeli racist project and its resistance.

Former member of Jordanian parliament Tariq Khoury confirmed his position in rejecting any communication or normalization agreement with the Zionist occupation, and that the enemy only understands the language of force, and that the path of negotiations has brought nothing but more concessions.

He called to form   groups to confront the agreements of normalization, and to concentrate on the Arab peoples to thwart these projects, emphasizing that resistance is the option to liberate Palestine.

The former president of the British Campaign for Solidarity with Palestine, Kamel Hawass, stressed that normalization aims to make "Israel" accepted, and that Jerusalem is its capital, and that the settlements are legitimate, in order to end the Palestinian cause.

He explained that normalization works to end the boycott movements of the Israeli occupation, and to prevent international solidarity with the Palestinian people, and stressed that their campaign will continue to support the Palestinian people, and reject normalization with the occupation.

The International Conference against Normalization is held in cooperation and partnership with more than 100 international and Arab institutions and organizations, and many media outlets, while the upcoming conference sessions will address the attempts to resist normalization and the harvest of normalization, in addition to talking about the Arab and international strategy to resist normalization with the occupation.

The activities of the "Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad", which aims to create an Arab and international strategy to confront normalization, will continue until March 3, 2021, with the participation of a large number of Arab and international figures from the five continents.