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Bahraini Initiative renews rejection of normalization with Israel, calls for support for Palestine
  • Gaza News
  • 07:09 17 September 2023
Bahraini Initiative renews rejection of normalization with Israel, calls for support for Palestine
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Bahraini National Initiative Against Normalization with the Zionist Enemy" has reaffirmed its rejection of the normalization agreement with the Israeli occupation, three years after its signing.

“Israel has not backed down from its brutality; instead, it has escalated its violence against the Palestinian people. It has imprisoned them, displaced them from their lands, seized their homes, and demolished houses over their heads, all of which is a stark expression of the new racial and Nazi-like fascism," the initiative declared in a statement.


The initiative further highlighted that in the three years since the agreement was signed, the occupation has intensified its operations, including killings, displacement, land confiscation, settlement construction, and the influx of more settlers from around the world to occupy Palestinian homes.


The Bahraini initiative regarded the normalization agreement as a "grave threat to the interests of the Bahraini and Palestinian people, as well as all the sons and daughters of the nation."


It emphasized that the Bahraini people, across all segments of society, have unequivocally expressed their rejection of such gratuitous concessions that serve the occupation and encourage further killings and oppression of the Palestinian people, providing cover for its crimes.


It condemned the visit of the Israeli Foreign Minister to Bahrain, which took place on the 3rd  of September this year, considering it a desecration of Bahrain's soil and a violation of the principles of the people. They called on the Bahraini government to sever all relations with the criminal occupying entity in every form.


The Bahraini initiative called on all segments of the Bahraini people to continue supporting the Palestinian people, remain vigilant against the incursions of the occupation into their country, and be cautious of its deceptive tactics. They urged the public to boycott anyone who dares to engage with the occupying entity.


The initiative also called for the ongoing peaceful opposition to normalization, in a manner that serves the interests of the Bahraini people and supports our Palestinian brothers and sisters as they face one of the most formidable and historically criminal occupations.


On September 15, 2020, Bahrain signed a normalization agreement with Israel, with the sponsorship of former U.S. President Donald Trump.