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Al Ray (an Arabic word means opinion) is the English publication of the official media agency 'Al Ray Media Network' of the Palestinian government in Gaza.

Al Ray News Agency was released on February 8th, 2013 with the purpose of covering the Palestinian people's circumstances and realities in the occupied Palestinian territories and in diaspora, taking into consideration the historical background of the Palestinian Cause.

Al Ray depends on orginal reporting and translation of news stories streamed by the Arabic version of Al Ray News Agency as the main news sources. It delivers 24-hour updates on two shifts.


Al Ray was released in accordance with the development plan for 2013 set out by the Government Media Office, which is the upper-line media institution of the government in Gaza with the aim of:

- Raising awareness of the Palestinian people's historical rights strugged for over the decades of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the right to their occupied land, to return, and to independence, combined with their rights to self-determination, to living with dignity and state-building, guaranteed by the United Nations.

- Putting right many of Israeli-contrived stereotypes of Palestinian people as violent, anti-Semite, invented,...etc.

- Highlighting the Israeli ongoing violations of human rights and international law represented in the West Bank settlement expansions, maltreatment of prisoners, administrative detention, use of excessive force against Palestinians, blockade of the Gaza Strip,...etc.

- Reflecting the perspective of the Palestinian government in Gaza, which has been under an Israeli economic blockade and international boycott since 2007, and demonstrating its role in maintaining security, democracy, and social welfare against all odds.

- Showing the creativity the Gaza people -individuals and groups- are proving in spite of the harsh economic situation that has contributed to the rising rates of poverty and unemployment.

- Taking on the local and international efforts aimed at defending the Palestinians with all legitimate means, and revealing the true face of the Israeli occupation including the Israeli state boycott activity.

- Promoting human rights, particularly the right of free expression in collaboration with non-government Palestinian media organizations and practitioners in the Gaza Strip.


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