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Preliminary lists of candidates for Palestinian parliament published
Preliminary lists of candidates for Palestinian parliament published
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Palestinian Central Election Commission released on Tuesday morning the preliminary lists of candidates for the Palestinian Legislative Council and opened the door to appeal against any candidate or list.


In a press statement, the Commission added that it has published details of the candidates and lists on its website and in its headquarters across the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem.


The Commission announced that it had approved all 36 applications of candidate lists, which include seven factional lists and 29 independent lists.


According to the Commission, the lists contain 1,389 candidates, including 405 women comprising nearly 29 per cent of the total number of candidates.


The Commission explained that the candidates fall in the 28-40 age group, about 38.5 % and the 41-50 age group, nearly 22.2 %, while the candidates above the age of 50 comprise approximately 39.3 %.


Meanwhile, the Commission pointed out that each voter, candidate, and list has a right to file an appeal or complaint against any violation of nomination rules through its website or its headquarters.


The Commission added that it would review the appeals and complaints within three days at most and inform the submitters of its decisions in a written notice.