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14 Palestinian prisoners in serious condition in Ramlah Prison
14 Palestinian prisoners in serious condition in Ramlah Prison
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Gaza, Alray - Riad Amour, the  representative of the ill prisoners in Ramlah prison hospital, said that about 14 Palestinian  prisoners suffer from medical negligence and bad treatment in Ramlah prison hospital.

Lawyer of the Prisoners Ministry in Ramallah Hanan El-Khatib said in a press release on Saturday quoting  from prisoner Amour," ill prisoners behind Ramlah prison hospital bars are dying slowly and their health deteriorated due to the medical negligence. They call on all the interested  institutions to act against these measures  to save their lives and release them."


Several ills reviewed their catastrophic condition including the disabled  Mansour Mawqeda , Khaled Shawish and others.

Amour reported that the Palestinian prisoners in Ramlah  hospital have   different chronic diseases, indicating doctors visit them only once every four days.

"Doctors treat us as hopeless cases waiting for death." Amour added.

He warned of possible martyrs who might fall  within the coming days, adding prisoners gave themselves serial numbers especially after the fall of 204 martyrs in 1967.