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Palestinian PM calls for opening Rafah crossing
Palestinian PM calls for opening Rafah crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh called on the Egyptian authorities to open the border to the Gaza Strip around the clock for individuals and goods, and allow the entry of all goods and materials needed to complete the Qatar Grant Projects.

Haniyeh said during a news conference through his round at Hamad City on Wednesday," the implementation of these projects which transferred the previous Israeli occupation settlements to green yields is a message of Palestinians to the world that they are able to build and liberate their lands," Haniyeh said.

He emphasized  that the Qatar  projects formed a quantum and civilized leap for the Gaza Strip, especially through the ongoing siege imposed on Gaza to prove that Gaza challenges this unjust siege by its people's steadfastness and the supporters of  the Palestinian issue.

He thanked all countries that support the Palestinian people and appreciated Qatar's role in supporting the Palestinian issue.

 Haniyeh called on the Arabs and international world to continue their political and public efforts to bring the Israeli-imposed siege to an end.

This round gains its importance because it is considered a challenge message  against the siege that failed to break the steadfastness of Palestinians amid tightening the closure of  the crossings and continuing preventing the entry of construction materials and food to the besieged enclave.